We are once again in a special situation in the market for indirect real estate investments. However, one can say that the perception of this situation can almost be described as normal. At the beginning of the year, real fireworks were lit in the real estate funds, unfortunately fireworks are very nice, but not sustainable. The investors are unsettled and currently unable to find any other secure assets to park liquidity, but are paying incredible house prices. Nothing new. That is why real estate products with above-average premiums are bought. Nevertheless, passive investors, who are owning 25% of the listed real estate funds, continuing to invest exclusively on the basis of market capitalization. Does it still make sense to invest at such high premiums according to the SWIIT weighting? No. MV Invest has agreed to collaborate with SGS Société Générale de Surveillance and launched the new SSREI – Swiss Sustainable Real Estate Index. The index is intended to measure the sustainable quality of real estate, involving its potential for improvement and its costs. It will increase transparency regarding sustainability and create market comparability between the various real estate portfolios, with an external certification. CS and UBS Asset Management have announced the first capital increases and the continuation of raising capital and going publics, particularly by insurances, are also planned. The grace period for the public purchase offer of the bfw real estate is running and Plazza has already announced an increased profit expectation for 2019. With around 1600 (+ 40%) visitors, the 8th edition of IMMO ‘- The Swiss Real Estate Fair for Investors – was again a success and shows that investors not only make contacts with asset managers on this platform, but also take advantage of the opportunity for further training and drive future business. The team from MV Invest and Swiss Circle would like to thank all exhibitors, visitors, media and friends for participating and is looking forward to the next IMMO’21.