The annual, sample-based verification (External Assurance) of the self-evaluation by the Review Panel of the SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA is a mandatory prerequisite for inclusion in the SSREI. The Panel is composed as follows:

Elvira Bieri has been the Head of the Swiss subsidiary of SGS, the official verification body of SSREI, since 2005. Following her studies in economics at the University of Bern and at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, she acquired an impressive level of expertise thanks to her many years of work in environmental consulting and in the construction industry. Sustainability has always been close to her heart, not least because her architect partner was one of the very first to design a Minergie building. Thanks to both her professional and personal drive, she always demonstrates exceptional commitment in promoting sustainable development.
› SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA

Denise Dubacher is a real estate appraiser at Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung, a consulting and research company that deals with topics related to real estate economics. She has already dealt with the interplay of social and economic sustainability aspects in the context of previous activities, whether in the portfolio assessment of investment funds with sustainability labels or in the positioning and financing of hotel properties. She covers the thematic areas of society and economy within the SSREI review panel.
› Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung

In the course of his professional career as CEO of a construction and general contracting company, as well as renowned FM provider, Daniel Geiser has acquired comprehensive real estate expertise. He applies this experience as a solid foundation for his current consulting tasks, in particular in project- and construction-related facility management. Topics such as economic efficiency, sustainability or life-cycle considerations are an integral part of his projects.
› Geiser Facility Management Consulting GmbH

In her professional career as an architect, Antje Horvath managed the Minergie certification office of the Canton of Zurich for several years, thus acquiring in-depth knowledge in the area of energy-efficient construction. Among other experiences, she has been a long-time member of the Board of GEAK (an association which provides cantonal building energy certificates). Today, she can rely on the expertise gained from her certification work and the GEAK association when assessing buildings according to SSREI’s standards.
› Solothurnische Gebäudeversicherung

Rainer Marti is Managing Partner at Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung. He specialises in the analysis and valuation of real estate, both at the property as well as at the area level, in addition to advising institutional clients on their real estate economic challenges. Central aspects are always the different usage needs and the range of requirements of user groups with respect to the built environment. He relies on a working approach which is data-driven and research-oriented.
› Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung

Katharina Lenggenhager, architect and school facility planner, owner and manager of «», accompanies and advises school managers from the analysis of infrastructures to the definition of their needs. The requirements for school facilities are developed with representatives of the principals and users, considering concepts of space, atmosphere and usage aiming at a high level on social sustainability.
› Schulraumentwicklung

Bernhard Stamm is a civil engineer and has been working in the fields of sustainability, building physics, energy and acoustics for over 20 years. He has extensive experience with sustainability standards and labels and previously worked as an SNBS auditor for SGS regarding environmental issues. Due to his experience, he is a generalist and covers a wide range of topics with his specialist knowledge. He is working at Basler & Hofmann AG as a project manager and based in Lausanne.
› Basler & Hofmann AG

Dr. Joëlle Zimmerli, sociologist, is Managing director of Zimraum GmbH. Her field of analysis includes the requirements and needs of different users with respect to area, urban and regional development. Relying on the methods of empirical social research, her aim is to re-assess the social interfaces between societal, spatial planning and housing issues in order to ensure the anchoring of accepted, viable and sustainable usage concepts.
› Zimraum GmbH


CURRENT AS OF 30.04.21

Index value                           2.09
Main use area                       434’242 m²
(HNF, Norm SIA 416)
Number of Properties         144
Number of components    3




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